HAMONT: The Ambitious City in modern times

In southern Ontario (Canada), lives a city that breathes business and development. Also coined  “The City of Waterfalls”, Hamilton Ontario, is a great example of balance between industry and nature, culture and class.

Due to being situated at the head of Lake Ontario, Hamilton is a major port in southern Ontario. This attracted many businesses to the city, and Hamilton is now home to many industrial companies and corporate head offices which employ many middle-class Canadians. Some notable mentions of Hamilton’s business partnerships can be found on “Canada’s top 100 employers” and some include:

 McMaster University, Hamilton Health Sciences, Dofasco, The RBG (The Royal Botanical Gardens), and Siemens. Hamilton is also home to the iconic Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts franchise and many other famous Canadian icons.
The current state of contemporary Hamilton is looking bright, as a revived entrepreneurial spirit mixed with a focus on arts and culture – come to life. With an increase in condo developments, combined with a red-hot real-estate market, Hamilton is quickly becoming an appealing option for many people around the G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area).


Websters Falls  is just one of the beautiful natural gems that make Hamilton the  “Waterfall Capital of the World”.
Dundas, Hamilton, Ont. CANADA

For more info about Hamilton’s Natural landscape, and the Niagara Escarpment’s projects, check out the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s website.

(I do not own the rights to this picture)


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